The People

INVENTORS! is a project by artist and designer Dominic Wilcox.
Dominic worked with three excellent people to organise and create the large project and exhibition:

Suzy O’Hara, Curator and Producer.
Rebecca Ball, The Cultural Spring, Project Director.
Amy Taylor, The Cultural Spring, Project Co-ordinator.

The makers who made the invention drawings into real objects and prototypes are:

FAB LAB Sunderland:Tony Canning: Handy Hi 5.
FAB LAB Sunderland:Carl Gregg: Shady Lamp and Speedy Tennis Ball.
FAB LAB Sunderland:Erin Dickson: Liftolator (War Avoider).

AMAP, Roger O’Brian:, Family Scooter, Leaf Catcher.

No Limits Theatre Co: Alan Parker: Glasswards.

Fibrestyle Ltd: Dave Park: The Paint Splatta Baby Sleeper.

Maker Space Newcastle: Alistair MacDonald: Self Hearing Earphones, Talking Lunch Clock, Illuminous Key.

Maker Space Newcastle: Brian Degger: Disco Headphones, Self Watering Plant Pot, Tooth-o-matic.

Wearside Glass: Norman Vietch: Ladybird Umbrella.

Attaya Projects: Lalya Gaye: Creakless Slippers, Hair Pull Monitor.

Kate Eccles: Clever Clothes.

3D rendered images of inventions:
Solid Ideas: Andy Mattocks: Ezy Slice Fryer, The Licker, Flipping Rope, Food Cooler, Lyx Tea Spray, Life Band, Phone Friend, Light Machine Wig.

Project photographer: Colin Davison
Documentary Maker: Alan Fentiman

The exhibition install was lead by Graham Bowes.
Special thank you to the NGCA for their support of the project – and Sunderland Library Service for having a showcase of inventors books in the city branch.

INVENTORS! was commissioned by The Cultural Spring and funded by The Arts Council of England.